Our line of utility boats (Panga boats Style) was exclusively developed for our market, based on the concept of PANGA, a boat developed by Yamaha for some decades.
Yamaha has developed this type of hull to serve the fisher colonies in Asia; In a way that the boats had low cost, good navigability, safety, robustness and that used little motorization, supporting the heavy work.
Today, this type of boat is present in almost all the planet, from Japan to the South Africa, the United States, Central America, the Caribbean to the end of the world (Ushuaia - southernmost city in the world), Needs.
They are boats that accept modifications to serve different services and varied requirements ... we have been sailing in Brazil, Angola, Argentina and Falkland Islands, attending policing, rescue, diving, people transportation, fishing, research, environmental control, mariculture, tours, etc.


Since 2004 we have produced the PANGA Boats Style line for the most diverse requirements

lanchas panga KRAUSE

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